Prepare a taxi. I am going to Paris now.

Bored and horny
If ur cute and gay send me dicks on snapchat 👀

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I kinda feel bad that I ate whataburger

but it was only half of the burger, and like 4 fries, and a few sips of coke

And I’m sleeping early so I won’t eat my last 3 meals.

So it evens out.

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Anonymous: I'm honestly confused on what your gender is, from what I knew you were a guy pretending to be a girl pretending to be a gay guy.

Add me on snapchat and find the answer to the mystery


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Anonymous: theres a pool party tomorrow so I've been like starving myself and working out like crazy the entire week so i can look good but anyways I'm like dying of hunger right now what tf do i do what can i eat because I'm about to pass out and i feel dizzy...what do you recommend

Eat lean protein. Like chicken or turkey breast.

Avoid anything that has carbs because it makes you gassy.

I eat like 8 oz of that per meal 3 times a day and it never bloats me or makes me look full.

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Anonymous: wait r u a dude??

Yes for the 666th time

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Anonymous: so like are you into girls or . . .?

I’m gay wtf

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i cant believe nobodys hitting me up tonight

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Cant wait to trim my pubes tonight

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Anonymous: what do you do when your down?

If the gym is closed, then listen to Lorde and exchange nudes on Snapchat

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Anonymous: Previous anon, the correct slur for this gentlemen would be wetback / mojado. He is located fairly close to the Mexican border and is of Mexican decent. Please reserve spic (not spick) for my fellow brethren of the following Caribbean countries ; Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba .

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