Prepare a taxi. I am going to Paris now.

Home sweet home :~)

Home sweet home :~)

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Wingstop farts

Wingstop farts

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I always laugh at the people who cant take the long wait at the drive thru so they just take offlike speeding off past me as i get my food lmaooooo

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bareback-bieber said: I remember it was my ask that caused him to officially out himself in tumblr. That idiot Joey.

LMAO I went on his blog to look for that post and screenshot it.

Like just say you like to ride dick. Typically of him to be so dramatic about it.

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bareback-bieber: I remember when your blog was all gifs that you made and you weren't so sassy and crazy and all you did was hit on Imperial Bedrooms while he was still pretending to be straight.

I was chubby and a virgin then.

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benzobuttercup: i'm so proud of myself id idn't spend any real money on the kim k game but made A list anyways

It took me like 11 hours of non stop playing to get to a list

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meanboy: ugh you got me hooked on this kim kardashian game!

I havent played that game in forever (a couple of days) because I spent like $200 on buying K coins and I needed to take a breather and think about the direction my life was headed

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doe-eyed-lil-nigga: i've been following you since i started my own blog and thats been like 3 years already.

This blog will turn 4 years old in December ^_^

*Thank You for Being a Friend plays in the background*

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You say you love me I aint fooling with that

They ask me how I keep a man I keep a battery pack

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